My First Blog (2008 until date)

Hey guys! Syafiq’s here. We meet again after… years.

This is not my first blog. My first blog was in 2008, influenced by friends. Pengaruh rakan sebaya. LOL.

Old posts in Blogger already changed to draft.. new, fresh and more useful (hopefully)

Well, I was not attracted to blogging because of writing stories or story telling, but I am attracted to the coding and customization using Blogger back then.

From scratch to a professional look blog for FREE. Just with HTML, JS and CSS coding.

Some of old posts from my old blog (Blogger)

Well, it’s just me, just Syafiq who loves to create and design.

However, let’s just start over with this new personal blog (professional blog) on WordPress.

Blogger is for kids, WordPress is for grownup. Hahaha.

Ok see ya again.

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